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BBC News with Neil Nunes. 尼尔·纽尼斯为你播报BBC新闻。

Both Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas have said they will consider proposals for a ceasefire in Gaza put forward by Egypt. 以色列和巴勒斯坦武装组织哈马斯都表示愿意考虑埃及提出的停火建议,

Under the plans a truce to end a week of violence would come into effect on Tuesday morning. Orla Guerin reports now from Cairo. 根据计划,结束一周暴力的休战将于周二早上开始。奥拉·盖琳在开罗报道。

After a week of warfare with the soaring Palestinian death toll, this is the first real move towards ending the bloodshed. 一周的战事导致巴勒斯坦死亡人数飙升,这是朝着结束这场血腥暴力的第一个真正的举动。

Egypt's blueprint calls for a ceasefire followed by talks in Cairo within 48 hours. 在开罗进行了48小时的协商后,埃及的提议要求停火。

The two sides would sit down separately with Egyptian officials to discuss contentious long-term issues. 双方将分别坐下来与埃及官方协商有争议的长期问题。

Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians have agreed to the deal yet, but both have said they will consider it. 以色列和巴勒斯坦目前都尚未同意该协议,但都表示将予以考虑。

The government in Libya has said it's considering asking for international help to end the fighting between rival factions which is threatening to destabilize the country. 利比亚政府称将考虑要求获得国际援助,来帮助结束威胁到该国稳定的敌对派别的战斗。

Fighting at the international airport near the capital Tripoli has damaged planes and the control tower. 首都的黎波里附近国际机场的战斗使得飞机和控制塔受损,

Earlier the United Nations said the situation in Libya was so unstable that it was withdrawing its staff. Rana Jawad reports from Tripoli. 早些时候,联合国称利比亚的局势非常不稳定,因此正在组织员工撤离。贾瓦德在的黎波里报道。

A barrage of rockets struck Tripoli's international airport and its perimeters. 的黎波里国际机场及周围地区都受到火箭袭击,

A security source at the scene tells the BBC the air traffic control tower was hit. 现场的安全部门告诉BBC空中交通控制塔遇袭,

A dozen grounded Libyan planes have been partly damaged according to the same source. 同时十几架落在地面的利比亚飞机也部分受损。

The extent of damage to the control tower was not immediately clear. 目前尚不清楚控制塔的受损程度,

The latest attack is part of a continuing power struggle between rival armed groups in the city. 

United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution on Syria, 联合国安理会全体一致通过一项有关叙利亚的决议,

allowing humanitarian aid convoys to drive into the country through areas held by rebels. 

The resolution says all the sides in the Syrian conflict must give civilians access to supplies of food and medicines. 决议称叙利亚冲突各方必须允许平民获得粮食和药品。

The convoys don't require the permission of the government in Damascus though it would be warned when relief convoys cross the borders from Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. 使团并没有要求大马士革政府进行批准,尽管在援助使团从土耳其、伊拉克和约旦越境进入时将警告叙政府。

Pope Francis has added his voice to those calling for action to protect and care for tens of thousands of unaccompanied children migrating from Central America to the United States. 


More details from Will Gra in Mexico City. Will Gra在墨西哥市报道。

As the debate on the issue of unaccompanied child migrants heats up, Pope Francis has now added his voice to those calling for action. 目前对未陪伴儿童移民的辩论开始白热化,方济各教皇现在也声援那些要求采取行动的人。

Such a humanitarian emergency demand is a first urgent measure that these minors be protected and duly taken in, 这样的人道主义紧急呼吁是第一个要求保护未成年人的紧急举措,

the Pope said, in a letter read by the Vatican's envoy to Mexico Christophe Pierre. 教皇在信中如是说,梵蒂冈赴墨西哥使者克里斯多夫·皮埃尔宣读了这封信。

Pope Francis has called for the attention of the international community to this challenge 方济各教皇要求国际社会关注这一问题,

and for measures to be taken by the specific countries involved, namely Central American nations Mexico and the US.BBC News. 要求相关国家采取措施,也就是中美国家墨西哥和美国。BBC新闻。

The authorities in China have begun criminal investigations into three former high-ranking officials over allegations of corruption. 中国当局开始对三名被控腐败罪的前高级官员进行刑事调查,

Two of those held, Li Dongsheng and Jiang Jiemin, are said to be close associates of the former National Security Chief, Zhou Yongkang, who is already under investigation. 据悉其中两名被捕者李东升和蒋洁敏是前国安局局长周YK的亲近之人,周目前也在被调查中。

The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon is in Haiti to discuss efforts to alleviate a cholera epidemic that has killed more than 8,000 people. 联合国秘书长潘基文目前在海地协商采取措施缓和已经导致8000多人丧生的流行病霍乱,

The outbreak has been linked to the UN's own peacekeepers and the organization is facing three lawsuits. 这次疾病爆发与联合国的维和人员有关,该组织正面临三起诉讼案,

The UN has so far not accepted this responsibility. 联合国到目前为止未能承担这一责任。

The Brazilian Football Federation has announced that the football manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has resigned as manager of the National Football Team. 巴西足联宣布足球主教练斯科拉里辞去国家足球队教练一职,

The announcement follows a meeting between Mr. Scolari and the President of the Brazilian Football Federation Jose Maria Marin. 此前斯科拉里和巴西足联主席何塞·玛利亚·马林进行了会谈。

Our America's editor Candice Pierre reports. 非洲编辑皮埃尔报道。

Only last week Mr. Marin had given Felipe Scolari his full backing following Brazil's humiliating 7-1 defeat by Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup. 就在上周世界杯半决赛中巴西以7:1的成绩惨败于德国后,马林还向斯科拉里全力的支持。

But when Brazil then went on to lose again 3-0 to the Netherlands, the mood changed. 但在巴西以3:0的结果败给荷兰时,情况就改变了。

It looks now as if both sides agreed a fresher approach was needed to rebuild Brazilian football. 看来现在双方已达成更新的措施来重整巴西足球,

Scolari himself knows how history is likely to view him. 斯科拉里本人是清楚历史将如何评价他的,

He said last week he would be remembered forevermore as the coach that had lost 7-1. 他上周说自己将作为7:1惨败的教练被永远记住。

Customs officials in the United States have seized a shipment of 67 live giant African land snails at Los Angeles International Airport. 美国海关官员在洛杉矶国际机场查获一批67只活着的巨型非洲蜗牛,

The eatable snails, each weighing nearly a kilo, arrived from Nigeria where they are considered a delicacy. 这种可食用的蜗牛每个重将近一公斤,来自尼日利亚,在这个国家这种蜗牛被视为美味。

The US bans their importation as they can carry parasites including one that can leads to meningitis and are considered a highly invasive agricultural pest. BBC News. 美国禁止进口这种蜗牛,因为它们可能携带寄生虫,包括一种能导致脑膜炎的寄生虫,还被视为农业的入侵害虫。BBC新闻。


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