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【转载】这些澳洲交规你知道吗?The road rules you didn't know in Australia  

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【转载】这些澳洲交规你知道吗?The road rules you didnt know in Australia - 坐看落花 - 我的似水流年


Splashing a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle can cost you $165. Oddly enough, splashing a pedestrian with water is OK. It’s the bus and the mud that seem to be most offensive in the eyes of NSW law.


A toot of the horn and a wave goodbye out the window as you drive down the street could cost you almost $600 and three demerit points in NSW: $298 for the “illegal use of a warning device”, and a further $298 fine (and three points) for having a “limb protrude” from the car. The same “limb protrude” ticket applies to resting your elbow on the window ledge.


In NSW, a passenger can also be issued a ticket for having a part of his or her body outside a window of a moving car: $298 but no demerit points.


Ladies, do you tuck the seatbelt shoulder strap under your arm or chest? That’s also a $282 ticket (Victoria) or a $298 ticket (NSW) and three demerit points, because the seatbelt is not properly fitted.


Do you ever recline the passenger seat on a long interstate drive – the seatbelt might be clicked in, but the straps are loose? That’s also akin to not wearing a seatbelt.

在跨省车途中你曾把乘客椅后仰- 安全带也许是扣上的,但带子是松的?这跟没绑安全带一个道理。

Driving at night with your headlights off? That’s a $99 fine and one demerit point in NSW. Failing to dip your highbeams attracts the same penalties.


In Victoria, driving at night with headlights off is a $211 fine and 1 demerit point – and it’s the same fine for having a tail-light or number-plate light out.

在维州,晚上行车不开车灯罚款$211并扣1分 - 尾灯或车牌灯不开罚款一样。

Are you annoyed by drivers who use foglights in clear conditions – or in daylight? In NSW it’s a $99 ticket and in Victoria it’ll cost you $141 to use a foglight “unless in fog or other hazardous weather reducing visbility”.


Leaving your licence at home during a quick trip to the shops in NSW and will cost you $99 for “not producing” a licence. In Victoria, drivers aged 26 and over have seven days to present it to a police station. Provisional and probationary drivers must carry it with them.


Displaying “L” or “P” plates when not required (when the driver is fully licenced) is a $141 ticket in Victoria but not NSW.

在维州在不需要的情况下(如果驾驶员是full licence)显示L或P会被罚款$141,新州没有罚款。

But did you know that a supervising driver could be fined for talking on a mobile phone – if they “failed to prevent a traffic breach”? That is, if the learner driver runs a stop sign or red light or changes lanes into the path of another car – and the supervising driver was distracted by his or her phone – the supervising driver can be fined ($99 in NSW).

你知道吗,陪练的full licence可因讲手机被罚款 - 如果他们“不能成功阻止违规”?就是说,如果学车者在Stop标志或者红灯没有停车,或者换道时进到另一辆车的道上 - 而陪练的因为手机而分神了 - 陪练着可被罚款。(新州$99)

In Victoria the supervising driver can only be fined if he or she allows the learner to exceed the speed limit by 25km/h or more – a $176 ticket.


Reversing a vehicle “further than is reasonable” is a $141 fine in Victoria – and reversing along a one-way street is a ticket in both states ($232 and two demerit points in NSW), because you’re still travelling the wrong direction even if the car is pointing the right way.


However, at least you don’t need to wear seatbelt when reversing. That’s legal in both states.


Did you know it is illegal to leave your car unlocked, leave the key in the ignition or leave the windows open if you’re more than three metres away from your vehicle? In NSW each of those offences comes with a $99 ticket, in Victoria each is a $141 fine. Leaving the park brake off is also a $141 fine.


Tempted to leave a bicycle rack on the car – even if you’re not carrying a bicycle at the time? In Victoria that is a $141 ticket.

冒险把自行车架留在车上 - 即使你当时没有运载自行车?在维州会被罚款$141。

Failing to keep left on a freeway (or a road with a speed limit of 90km/h or more) unless overtaking is an offence and, contrary to popular belief, police do issue tickets.


In Victoria, if you’re holding up traffic in the fast lane it is a $282 fine and two demerit points. In NSW, it is $298 and two demerit points.


It is also illegal to fail to leave enough room when overtaking, or cut in too soon – or to speed up when being overtaken.


Are you forgetful with your indicators, or do you not indicate when merging into a turning lane? That’s a $141 ticket and two demerit points in Victoria and $165 and two demerit points in NSW.


Not indicating left when leaving a roundabout: $165 and two demerit points in NSW and $141 in Victoria (if it was deemed practicable to indicate).

在离开环岛没有打左转灯:新州$165并扣2分,维州$141 (如果是在需要如此做的情况下)。

Opening a door on a passing cyclist is a $141 in Victoria, and $298 in NSW.


You may want to be careful when out of the car, too. In NSW, pedestrians who don’t cross the road quickly enough – or who cross on a red signal – risk a $66 ticket. It’s the same fine for crossing a road “within 20 metres of a marked pedestrian crossing”.

你在离开车的时候也要很小心。在新州,行人如果过马路不够快 - 或者闯红灯,都会被罚款$66。在距离标志有行人斑马线20米以内过马路也是同样的罚款。

There may be some aspiring Paris Hiltons in the community, but you cannot drive with an animal on your lap. In NSW the fine is $397 and three demerit points, in Victoria it’s $211 (and no demerit points).


Driving barefoot is OK in both NSW and Victoria. In fact, some road safety experts advocate it, especially if the option is thongs or high heels.


As with all traffic offences, it is up to the discretion of individual police. The officers Drive spoke to were divided on whether or not they would issue this ticket.




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